Who We Are

Drug Free Youth In Town (DFYIT) is an organization dedicated to giving recognition to kids who choose to live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. Why? Because we know how hard it is to be a teenager and to not give in to peer pressure. In other words...because you deserve it!

Our mission is to support the development of healthy, productive, drug-free youth. We do this by providing drug information, as well as opportunities to learn leadership skills through community service activities and educational (but fun!) field trips for middle and high school students between the ages of 10 and 18 just like you!

The best part about our program is that the clubs are led by you! You get to elect your officers and from there members are given the opportunity to decide what activities are best for their club. Furthermore, DFYIT provides a great support system by surrounding you with students who are like minded. By resisting the temptation of substance use, you can send a powerful message of self-control and responsibility to your family, friends, school, and the community.

We are currently in 57 Miami-Dade/ 12 Broward County middle and high schools. In addition, we have 4 Saturday Clubs in Homestead/Florida City, North Dade-Moore Park, North Miami Beach, and South Miami. There are over 7,000 students involved in DFYIT, who come from very different backgrounds. As a member, you get to participate in lots of fun activities, including, but not limited to community service, mentoring young children, club meetings, and special events that are all designed to celebrate the healthy, drug-free life that you have chosen.

The healthy choices that DFYIT members make, add to the positive impact made by providing a healthier environment for everyone in our community. Since its start in 1992, over 50,000 students have participated in the DFYIT program, impacting approximately 150,000 of their peers. Proudly, DFYIT members claim over a 99% drug-free rate!


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